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Water current meters are designed for measuring consumption of cold potable water (30 ° C) and hot water (up to 90 ° C).
Our water current meters are officially certified in our authorized laboratories in Prešov and Michalovce. We also retrofit and re-certify other water current meters approved for use within the Slovak Republic.


Basic technical specifications :

A/ Water Current Meters for Apartment Use
Clear span: DN 15
Nominal current-carrying capacity: 1.5 m3 / h

Metrological classification:
B - with horizontal installation
A - with vertical installation
Maximum water temperature (cold / hot): 30 ° C/90 ° C

Length 110 mm
Double anti-magnetic shielding
Our own product

 B/ Water Current Meters for House Use
Nominal current-carrying capacity: 30 to 30 m3 / h
Imported from Italy
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