Gun Safes and Boxes for Hunting Area Entrance Books  
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Box for Hunting Area Entrance Book
Long-Rifle Gun Safe
Short-Rifle Gun Safe

Gun safes are designed for safe storage of long and short firearms.
Box for Hunting Area Entrance Book is designed for safe storage of the Book of Entrances into the Hunting Area and for its protection against weather.
Notice: Making an entry into such registry book before any entrance into the hunting area with a rifle may be prescribed under national hunting legislation like e.g. in Slovakia.

Basic technical specifications:
The gun safes and boxes are made of steel sheet metal with Baked Powder Coating finishing in dark-green RAL 6005 color.

Other shades and colors are available.
The doors are equipped with a three-point lock mechanism with a security key lock switch. The top of the interior space contains separately lockable cabinet for storing the ammunition. The gun safe can be anchored to the wall as well as to the floor.