Metal Finishing    
Our metal finishing production line by use of the baked powder coating technology is based on advanced technique where the powder coating material is applied by spraying in an electrostatic field. During this procedure the elements of powder are charged with electric potential while the treated material is neutralized (grounded). As a result the paint powder holds to the surface of the treated material by the electrostatic forces. The use of this technology leads to increased mechanical and chemical resistance, enhanced corrosion protection, more aesthetic appearance of the surface and better coating of the edges of the product.

The technological line as a whole is a foreign product of cabin type and consist of:

surface treatment cabin - surface pre-treatment and de-fatting by chemical process with use of iron phosphate

finishing cabin - hand spraying of the powder coating on the surface of the products

baking cabin - 'baking' the powder coated products

Metal finishing using the baked powder coating technology may be applied to various metal products which satisfy the basic requirements:

.the product is capable to be powder coated (i.e. it is conductive and doesn't have components which may not be exposed to baking temperatures up to 200 C)

. the product may be placed in hanged position

. there is no risk of damage to the product a a consequence of high temperature

. the shape does not prevent the application of powder coating

. Maximum size and weight of products suitable for metal finishing using the baked powder coating technology

Height [mm] Length [mm] Width [mm] Weight [kg]
2500 700 100