TVK s.r.o. is a manufacturing company established in 1999. It deals with the production and direct sale of consumer and industrial character products.
Our core products include: venuje sú:

• Production of hydrant systems and boxes
• Production and verification of electric current transformers
• Production and verification of water current meters
• Metal processing with focus on sheet metal processing and multipurpose box-production
• Corrugated Fiberboard Package production including Screen-printing
• Metal Finishing using the Baked Powder Coating technology

Our company runs an official accredited verification laboratory for electric current transformers and water current meters. Its business builds on long tradition of such activities in Prešov.
The company also produces hydrant systems, fire extinguisher storage boxes and cabinets, central heating installation cabinets and other products according to our customers' requirements.

Our business activities are focused both on the domestic market and on the export.
Our export destinations include the Czech Republic, Italy, France, Syria, Poland or Serbia.

We are oriented towards long-term satisfaction of our customers by meeting their requirements within agreed deadlines and quality standards. Sufficient attention is paid to constant innovation of our products and services. Our own development activities ensure enduring enhancement of our product and technical base.

TVK s.r.o. has implemented the quality management system under ISO 9001:2008 standard.